Announcing (and other site updates)

posted on 17 Feb 2014 | News

Site Changes

If you're visiting my site right now you may have noticed a new theme and a snappier response time.

Also, you may have noticed that the Windows App Developer Links posts are not immediately visible. Fear not, for they have finally been given the respect they truly deserve and now have their very own site at!

What this does mean though, is if you are subscribed to my blog feed (and you are subscribed, right?), if you want to continue to receive my (almost) daily Windows App Developer Links, you'll need to subscribe to the new feed.

Technical Details

This new blog is created using Sandra.Snow and the Sandra.Snow.Template. I was previously using WordPress and while it made life simple, I'm not a PHP guy and making tweaks to the site was a bit painful.

This blog (and are now running on a new VPS in Los Angeles. While I love my old host, the performance of running WordPress in a shared hosting environment wasn't great and wasn't getting better over time.

Both sites are setup to use a git repository that I push to the VPS over ssh and then a post receive hook on the server uses rsync to copy the changed files to the their respective webserver folder and fixes their file permissions.

So what this should mean for me is my site is much more portable (I can literally just copy a bunch of files to a new web server), more fault tolerant (I have multiple copies of the website source), and more secure (there's no CMS to break into, it's just static files).

What this should mean for you, is the site is much faster, a bit more mobile friendly, and you can choose what you want to see in terms of my content posts and my Windows App Developer Links posts. Choice is a good thing. ☺