WinMerge: Not Quite Dead Yet

posted on 30 Dec 2011 | Tools

Every few months or so I go looking for another free diff tool that I like as much as WinMerge (usually in vain) since WM hasn't released a new version in over 2 years. WinMerge 3, while having been in planning for almost as long, still hasn't seen any real development traction.

Today however, I was surprised to stumble across a fork of the WinMerge 2 code base that seems to be in active development under the name of WinMerge 2011. There have been a couple of releases so far and the developer seems to be one of the WinMerge developers (Jochen Tucht) as they have commits in the official WinMerge SVN repository.

By all appearances this seems to be a promising development and I hope the developer keeps with it. WinMerge has been my favorite diff/merge tool for quite some time with only P4Merge giving it competition.

You can download the latest version of WinMerge 2011 from here: