Official jQuery 1.3.0, 1.3.1 Visual Studio Intellisense Files

posted on 09 Feb 2009 | Visual Studio | Web

It looks like this weekend while I was at the South Florida Code Camp the jQuery team has posted the official jQuery 1.3.1 Visual Studio intellisense file. You can get it from the jQuery downloads page, or more directly from the jQuery Google Code download page.

The official 1.3.0 documentation was posted this weekend as well and is also available from the downloads link above, or this Google Code download page.

Keep your eyes peeled for a jQuery 1.3.2 release anytime in the next few days as John Resig has mentioned there is still one last 1.3 regression they are working on fixing.

For those interested, the regression has to do with the $(document).ready() function waiting until images are fully loaded in Internet Explorer 6 & 7. The jQuery bug ticket ID is #3988 and here’s a Stack Overflow question in which John Resig talks about the issue in some detail.